919: Floral Perpetua by Dasa Severova

I am always on the lookout for interesting folds, this one was shared on a fakebook group as a photsequence on Flickr:

A fun folding technique, and a fascinating fractal pattern gradually converges towards the centre of the original octagon. Continue reading

903: (353/365) Slippery Little Sucker

I must admit to being a bit of a fanboy when it comes to the works of Satoshi Kamiya. His designs are genius, fabulously complicated to fold and make good use of the sheet:

This is his Octopus – an amazing fold from an octagon that yields lovely little legs, a beady set of eyes and a pendulous 3D head/body with a modicum of paper torture. Continue reading

825: (275/365) Happy Irrelevant Monarch’s Birthday

For some reason the republic of Australia still has ties to a monarchy that is completely irrelevant to us but somehow, ultimately, still controls aspects of our government:

I decided to celebrate the public holiday (yay, I accept the holiday, just reject the reason) by folding a crown. Continue reading

Folding Algorithms – Sato Rose

Much of Origami is algorithmic (algorithm = procedural solution to a problem). A rabbit ear is an algorithm, one knows how to fold it on a corner – double rabbit ear is the same solution, folded two simultaneously. Petal fold is also a standard maneuver which got me thinking of the Sato Rose algorithm.

I like this algorithm particularly because of the free-form nature of much of the folding, and the way it seems to “fit” a pentagon. I decided to use the same folding algorithm but try it with other regular polygons – I tried triangle(3), square(4), pentagon(5), hexagon(6), heptagon(7), octagon(8), nonagon(9) but gave up on the decagon(10).

The algorithm involves “nearly” bisecting each vertex to form an echo shape at the centre of the sheet – you then halve that internal echo to create a slightly offset echo and use that as the basis of a “kawasaki twist” Continue reading

420: Kamiya’s Diamond

I have been exploring folded regular polyhedra, but came across this, a brilliant cut faceted diamond by Satoshi Kamiya and thought I would give it a go:

As a first fold, this is pretty sloppy to be honest – only after finishing it did the geometry I was laying down in pre-creases make sense. I have no doubt that when i re-fold this it will be much nicer.

This fold is a very clever bit of geometry, based on an octagonal piece of paper, making many facets and that classic jewellery diamond shape (this one would be a few hundret carats at that). The top face facets are locked in place by tiny closed sinks (making this very difficult I suspect to fold really small).

It is a pity there is no real locking mechanism to keep the model closed (I cheated and used a little sticky tape) – the bulk of paper does swirl in place but tends to spread when left – this might be different if made with a foil paper.

I seem to be folding a bunch of Kamiya models at the moment – prolly inspired by my latest Origami book purchase