710: (160/365) Star Luisium Test Fold

The internet is an amazing thing, it affords connections between mortals and luminaries in the field:

I noticed Sara Adams (a living legend in the Origami World) was asking for test folders to test diagrams she was drawing and I immediately put my hand up. Continue reading

Paper – Happy Folding

I have long admired Sara Adams at Happy Folding as an inspirational folder and teacher.

Recently, she had a compentition (well, 5 in fact to celebrate 50k subscribers to her video channel), I entered and won – yay!

I recently received, by mail, all the way from Germany, a paper pack with some lovely papers to try

Much energetic folding will result from this gift, including a chance to try elephant hide, washi-deluxe and many more. Thank you Sara, you have made another Happyfolder 😛