116: Snake Charmer

I remembered, passing the King Cobra, that Fakirs and other showman use Cobras in ceremonial and entertainment fields, and had a vague memory of a charming little model tucked away in one of my origami books:

Designed by Fred Rhom, folded from “More Origami” by Robert Harbin, this is an action model – you press the apex of the stickey-outey bit and the snake rears up (sort of like it is coming out of a basket).

I modded the snake (to make it cobra-like; there was paper, the hood flattened nicely and I merely hinted at a head, quite an effective alteration I think). This model uses the “simplex” base – a useful one for figures.

I put a Fez on him, not because I think fezzes are cool Doctor, but because by reducing the paper for the hat you increase the paper available for the flute (yes, that is supposed to be a flute, not a nose) – would like to re-think this one as I think it should be a horn but there was never going to be enough paper in there for that. I would have liked to re-think the “basket” end because the original design does not look at all basket-like; providing the spring for the raising snake is however the job of that bit.

Quite a cute model and suitably snakey, nearing the end of the month thank goodness, looking forward to some simpler folds to come (or not).

91: A Rock

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