366: A Brand New Day

Posted by wonko on January 1, 2012 in blarg |

Established habits take time to break – even positive ones that have just run their course:

I woke early this morning (partly because of the second howling of the “wolf alarm” next door) and partly because a nagging, insistent NEW voice in my head (yes, count them, there are now 13 – a bakers’ dozen) told me to get up and get on with my fold for the day.

Without thinking, I cut a square and … sat and looked at it … for ages.

A blank square, like a person, is surrounded in boundless potential. I can see the 8 legs and ribbed thorax, imagine the swivels necessary to raise a sail, lament the accordion pleating necessary to shape a hoof, anticipate the stress that a common vertex will experience and know when to nurse the brittle paper through that difficult last bend before the collapse, ready my still bruised finger tips for the tough folds through many layers to reveal ….

… something other than a plain, flat, square.

Today’s fold is no fold at all – there is a Zen beauty in that – if a tree falls on a mime in the forest will anyone care … sort of thing.

Do not panic, I will not abandon you, my fold following fans – it has been a fun ride, great to have had you along but I am a little saddle sore right now so might just take a breather … if I can get that 13th voice to speak a little quieter that is, because at the moment she is screaming hysterically at me, but she will eventually calm down, I am sure.


Lindy, a friend, suggested the page is calling for some words, she offered a poem she wrote, it is lovely, here it is:
…perfect, thanks Lindy.


  • Dr. Winston O'Boogie says:

    Congratulations, wOnKo!!!!
    A truly Hardyesque effort.
    The dedication required to complete this task is staggering –
    You were teaching 5 days a week – hence at least 6 in lesson planning and research – plus numerous hours grading your students’ work, writing assessment items, attending teacher conferences, with personal time surrendered to assist students’ through rough patches, to encourage and inspire them.
    And Project 365 is by far the least time-consuming of the important things in your life:
    Being a brilliant pioneer in virtual world projects, too often picking up the slack when another is over-committed or simply out of their depth.
    Being a dedicated husband to Joanne/She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed and wonderful father to Lizzie and Matt, two fine young individuals making their way in the post-graduate forest.
    And being a loyal friend.
    I am proud of you.

  • Lindy (McKeown) Orwin says:

    Ditto to what Dr. Winston said!! Hey, that folded sheet looks like the perfect tablet for a poem I wrote as a whippersnapper… right down in the bottom right hand corner I see in faint flowing almost elf-like glyphs…

    Turn the pages to the future.
    Am I there within your heart?
    If I’m not, then turn the pages
    Back again and change the start.

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