44: Dippy Dog

In my day, on the back window mat of your V8 Kingswood, you had a nodding dog, to complement the fake leopard-skin velour seat covers, the troll hanging from the rear vision mirror and the 8-ball you custom-drilled from a stolen pool table ball on the stick-shift. That was cool, it signalled you were with-it and happening:
I first saw the “dippy dog”, designed by John Smith, in the book “More Origami – the Art of Paper Folding No. 2” by Robert Harbin – a much used, yellow and now crumbling volume. I used to have volume 1 also, but I cannot remember who I loaned it to, but it is gone from my library now (and most likely out of print – good starter books however for a paper ninja in training).

nodding action (povo anim view)

It is a 2 part model, head balances nicely on the fulcrum of the body and nods with gentle breeze – quite cute really. the dog is a little “beagle” like I guess. A simple but effective model that uses thirds and quarters (for the legion of maths teachers trying to keep up).

I could not find an online diagram for this model, but something similar can be found here: http://www.origami-instructions.com/origami-dog.html (a simple but fun dog for Mrs M’s 2M “Gems”)

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