WTF (What’s That Fold?) # 8

I saw this AMAZING design, and figured it could not possibly be made out of ONE SQUARE without cuts, or glue and became determined to try and make it for myself:
I found a crease pattern but little else to go by, so sort of wrestled the initial creases into place as best I could.
the collapses seem to sort themselves out (thankfully the paper is strong) and we get an interesting base eventually

With a nifty collapse:

It becomes a little more easily recognisable:

Can you guess what this will be?

Good work eudaimonia via the blog and Jeremy Schafer (from facebook, astonishingly talented origamist in his own right) for guessing it right – it is a perambulator designed by Roberto Gretter, featured in “The Paper” issue 95.

3 thoughts on “WTF (What’s That Fold?) # 8

  1. I’m lucky because I’ve folded this too not so long ago. It’s Pram by Roberto Gretter. I’ve folded it from a small square (25x25cm) so my fold wasn’t that good. I see that you’re using a bigger square and I’m curious to see how it will look.

    1. …a bit of an error with scale on my fold, I saw all those hideous small pleats and decided to upscale because my fat, clumsy fingers struggle with fine folds sometimes

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