A Clump Of Plinths

Walking, as I do, through our Year 10 campus I was struck at how many display cases they have, mostly empty.

I put forward the suggestion that I was happy to fill one with origami and the idea took hold.

The cabinets are big unstructured spaces, I appropriated a clump of plinths to create levels and stages for larger works and then plopped large cool bits of bent paper on them in a sort of fashion.

Stepping back I am struck by a couple of things – (1) how amazing some of the models are (testament to the brilliance of the designers); (2) how much time that tiny collection of models represents (testament to my patience, insanity or both); and (3) I made them.

I hope the kids realize that patience and skill is developmental – passion is an energy that can be harnessed to make great beauty and paper is not “just paper”

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