488: Burr Puzzle

In the hiatus between receiving parts of the Ryujin to fold, I am always on the look out for something interesting to fold.488BurrPuzzle

I first saw Froy’s Burr Puzzle on the Hong Kong Origami Society’s forum and decided to give it a try.488BurrPuzzleDev1

Not sure if this is different from the Burr Puzzle designed by Robert Lang (I suspect it is a redux of it), but it is fascinating all the same.488BurrPuzzleDev2

6 bits of paper, each separately make a completely closed module that keeps its shape via paper tension.488BurrPuzzleDev3

The trick then is to put them together so they hold in place into a regular stellated-icosahedron. With the aid of a third hand, patience and meditation it is indeed possible, albeit gently.488BurrPuzzleScale

I really like this model, and was pleasantly surprised with being able to achieve it with such flimsy paper. I can see it would be better suited to a heavy gauge paper, but i used Daiso cheap and cheery paper and it worked a treat.

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