So it is raining, and there are storms and floods, so how better to mirror that than with an articulated Origami model – this is a storm cloud, it’s lightning bolt snaps up and down.

…it was late, I was tired

10: Rabbit

We visited Cape Otway Lighthouse, there in the underbrush was a small, wet rabbit – very cute, so I thought it would be a good model to make.

Difficult (and I had to cheat with a cut to make the 2 lobes of the ears) – might search out another rabbit model that does not require cheating however.

Folded whilst in Victoria, on the Great Ocean Road.

9: Pigeon

An interesting fold and the bird has a posture as in flight, difficult to photograph, soz.

Folded whilst in Victoria, on the Great Ocean Road.

8: Seagull

A nice model (particularly pleased with the body/tail) that is difficult to photograph, as someone pointed out to me the proportions are more Albatross-like than seagullish, but there you go.

Folded whilst in Victoria, on the Great Ocean Road.albatross?

7: Leatherback Turtle

A deceptively simple model – much work is done underneath to form the shell, legs etc. I might look for a better turtle later, but this is a worthy first reptile.


6: Strawberry

Two views of the same berry, a nice variation of the time-tested and much tossed water bomb base.  Made with a square cut from half an A4 page, the smaller you make these the more realistic the shape.

Quite happy with the hull (or calyx) although some of my more nerdier botanist friends will argue that it should have 5 subdivisions not 4.strawberry

5: Veloceraptor

I like this, the posture/stance is sort of what I expect (after watching Jurassic Park) and I like how you get the vestigial arms seemingly from nowhere. I like how the shadow makes it more menacing as well, accidental photos using obscure light sources can result in nice happenstances sometimes.

Nice model, interesting manipulation of the bird-base, first time I tried it – you can try it too at http://www.fishgoth.com/origami/diagrams/velociraptor.pdfveloceraptor

4: Nessie

A cute plesiosaur, or loch-ness monster (but waay to cute to be scary).

One square of A4 photocopy paper – looks more like a juvenile as the neck-body proportions are a bit out for an adult (well, that is my story and I am sticking to it)nessie

3: Jackstone

This is, in my opinion, a masterpiece of pre-folding, you make one model, unfold it and bend it into another model. I pride myself of folding this from memory – not bad given I have not folded it in at least 15 years.

One piece of paper (photocopy A4 is not great as it frays after 3 or 4 creases on the same line) cut square, no additional cuts, no glue – all class.

Design by Jack Skillman, USA, 1965 (I first saw it in a Robert Harbin “Origami 2” book I own)Jackstone

2: Llama

I rather like the expression on the face, position of ears and body stance of this model – not bad for a first time fold.

Fold found here: http://synconi.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2qno4x have a go yourself – you know you want to.Llama