513: Koh’s Bubble-Eyed Goldfish

Not quite sure how I missed this little beauty in the flurry of folding fishies, but Sensei Koh messaged me on fakebook and asked why I had not folded it. Truth is I was dazed and confused (and just a little fished out) and must have just missed it: That is a pity, this little […]

512: Koh’s Blackmoor Goldfish

Interestingly (for me), I have had goldfish over the years. At one stage I had a tank with 3 of these in it – Blackmoors – lovely plump little goggle-eyed black goldfish: I remember as they got sicker, they became less black until, as they floated upside down ready to be scooped and flushed to […]

511: Koh’s Tancho Oranda Goldfish

A completely different folding technique was a nice change with this much tortured bit of paper: An odd-shaped goldfish, famously all white except for a colourful growth on the head, this thin-waisted fantail was actually really hard work even at this scale.

510: Koh’s Ranchu Goldfish

…continuing on the “fishy” journey, the final in this technique’s series of plump full-bodied goldfish, Ronald Koh’s┬áRanchu: Oddly, this mutant is known for the cancer-like orange growth on it’s head, the model approximates this.

509: Koh’s Oranda Goldfish

…continuing the fishy theme, this is Ronald Koh’s Oranda Goldfish: A lovely plump little fellow, I am sure I have had these at one time or another – round body, abundance of thin fins and round head.