513: Koh’s Bubble-Eyed Goldfish

Not quite sure how I missed this little beauty in the flurry of folding fishies, but Sensei Koh messaged me on fakebook and asked why I had not folded it. Truth is I was dazed and confused (and just a little fished out) and must have just missed it:513BubbleEye

That is a pity, this little charmer is one of my favourites in the collection. Lovely aquiline body shape. flowing find and well formed head.513BubbleEyeSheet

It is the eyes and their curious bubble-sacs under them that are most striking, I have seen these mutant goldfish swimming/wobbling through the water in aquaria and wondered why a breed would be desired with delicate wobbly eye-boobs, but there you go – fish breeders are a weird lot.513BubbleEyeDev

I folded this from thinner Kraft, having used the previous 8 pieces of heavier gauge paper on the previous glint, and it was much easier to fold with thin paper. I also “cheated” a little by stuffing the eye sacs with a little crumpled facial tissue to keep them puffed up, else the completing folds would squash them flat again – I think that is ok.513BubbleEyeScale

Now comes the hard part, picking 5 fish for the final fold/display … so much loveliness and such a wealth of design genius on display … suggestions welcome

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