707: (157/365) Tumasek Butterfly

Browsing a BOS convention booklet, I came across a rather nice butterfly designed by Ronald Koh:

This is the Tumasek butterfly, I folded it in duo yellow/green paper making it a little like a cabbage white butterfly. Continue reading

683: (133/365) Pet Gripe

Last weekend I mowed the lawn – that is not so much a revelation as a statement of fact – I enjoy mowing, always have. I do not, however, enjoy the “presents” that dog owners allow their pets to leave on my lawn:

I recognise that part of the pleasure of owning a dog is that you have to take it for walks to empty it. It does however infuriate me when owners do not clean up after their newly emptied pet. Continue reading

Schools In (swimming against the tide?)

A good friend, Janet, found some marbled tie-dyed mulberry paper when she was recently in Bangkok, Thailand.Glint

Like a true maniac she carefully rolled and carried with her on her travels, returning to Australia she carefully transported it to a place I would also be (Townsville for a conference). paper1

What commitment. Continue reading

513: Koh’s Bubble-Eyed Goldfish

Not quite sure how I missed this little beauty in the flurry of folding fishies, but Sensei Koh messaged me on fakebook and asked why I had not folded it. Truth is I was dazed and confused (and just a little fished out) and must have just missed it:513BubbleEye

That is a pity, this little charmer is one of my favourites in the collection. Lovely aquiline body shape. flowing find and well formed head. Continue reading

Test Fold of A “Glint” Of Goldfish

Fun Fact – the collective noun for goldfish is either “Glint” or “Troubling” – now you know:SchoolsIn

Now to choose which of these will make it to the actual goldfish bowl – suggestions….? Continue reading

512: Koh’s Blackmoor Goldfish

Interestingly (for me), I have had goldfish over the years. At one stage I had a tank with 3 of these in it – Blackmoors – lovely plump little goggle-eyed black goldfish:512Blackmoor

I remember as they got sicker, they became less black until, as they floated upside down ready to be scooped and flushed to an early grave they were almost a deep purple colour. Continue reading

511: Koh’s Tancho Oranda Goldfish

A completely different folding technique was a nice change with this much tortured bit of paper:511TanchoOranda

An odd-shaped goldfish, famously all white except for a colourful growth on the head, this thin-waisted fantail was actually really hard work even at this scale. Continue reading

510: Koh’s Ranchu Goldfish

…continuing on the “fishy” journey, the final in this technique’s series of plump full-bodied goldfish, Ronald Koh’s Ranchu:510Ranchu

Oddly, this mutant is known for the cancer-like orange growth on it’s head, the model approximates this. Continue reading

509: Koh’s Oranda Goldfish

…continuing the fishy theme, this is Ronald Koh’s Oranda Goldfish:509Oranda

A lovely plump little fellow, I am sure I have had these at one time or another – round body, abundance of thin fins and round head. Continue reading

508: Koh’s Wakin Goldfish

Continuing the fishy theme, this “goldfish” looks more like a salmon:508Wakin

The base, similar to the previous two manages to devote more to body, less to fins so that it looks like you would get a decent fillet of this little fishy. Continue reading