…so, as part of a commission, I decided to explore the concept of “pride”, using a feline metaphor:

I folded a family of lions, designed by Lionel Albertini, and then posed them in a Daiso display box. “Pride” is an interesting concept – we see the lioness, as the head of the family, provider, strong, carer. We see cubs looking up to her. We see the Lion, in the background, as supporter and partner.


I like the minimalist composition of this piece. I used crumpled VOG paper as “grass” and have resisted adding any other decoration, because everything I have tried added makes the family grouping less powerful.

I hope the client likes it, we shall see.

796: (246/365) Japanese Andon Lamp

Paper is an amazing thing. In Japanese culture, for centuries, walls and furnishings were made from timber and Washi (hand-made Kozo fibre paper). Candle-driven laps made of paper (counter-intuitively) are still common, this is an Andon Lamp:

There are 2 versions of this – one that uses 4 squares (this one) and another minor variation makes the frame with 4 bits of paper and then you put in other paper inserts into frames formed on each side of a contrasting colour/texture. Continue reading

708: (158/365) Nollentonk

When I was in Japan, I bought 2 origami books and have not really folded much from them to date:

The books are totally in Japanese, no English at all so I have NO idea who the designer of this model is.

Made from 4 squares of paper (back legs, front legs, head, tusks) and this is a little beauty. Continue reading

692: (142/365) Wu’s Modular Chess Board

Looking around for a chess board in origami was fun, there seem to be a few out there, including a few that use only 1 sheet of paper and a million creases to perform the necessary colour changes for the squares:

I discovered I could not source paper large enough to make a playable chess board, so looked for alternatives and stumbled across Joseph Wu’s modular chessboard. Continue reading

637: (87/365) Cyclonic Spiral

Currently, North Queensland is being beaten up by Cyclone “Debbie”:

Australian cyclones are huge. As weather systems go, we do them big down under and “Debbie” was once a category 4 (which is nearly Category 5, for the folks at home) which on a scale of “is that a cloud” to “fuck, most of my town is missing” is right up there. I hope all in the storm zone are safe, having lived through some pretty harrowing cyclones in my time it is not fun. Continue reading