692: (142/365) Wu’s Modular Chess Board

Looking around for a chess board in origami was fun, there seem to be a few out there, including a few that use only 1 sheet of paper and a million creases to perform the necessary colour changes for the squares:

I discovered I could not source paper large enough to make a playable chess board, so looked for alternatives and stumbled across Joseph Wu’s modular chessboard.

Made from 4 50cm squares (I have some Daiso large formate origami paper but no black/white so had to improvise with the colours), each module is a variation of the first.

The modules slot together rather satisfyingly and lock nicely to make a fairly stable surface.

I ironed mine flat to keep it from unfolding and the size is now fairly accurately a full-sized board, I could easily scale pieces to play on this.

I have finished my exploration of chess for the moment, it has been fun. I have a few more designers chess sets that I may try (depending on how desperate I get for new models later in the challenge)

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