659: (109/365) I WANT To Believe

Now I am not so conceited as to think that humans are the only intelligent life in the universe, but the more I understand about humans, the more I am convinced that the sure proof there IS intelligent life elsewhere is the fact that they have in no way attempted to contact us. Nothing. Not a peep:

I want to understand what form extra terrestrial life might take, but I am continually confounded by plethora of lifeforms on this planet.

I am sure that ET will not resemble the Sci-Fi little green carbon-based bipedal life we see in popularist imagery. Continue reading

589: (39/360) Box with Hinged Lid

I seem to have an endless fascination with clever origami boxes – this one caught my eye and I knew I needed to try and fold it:

Anna Kastlunger has designed a nifty scalable box with an integrated hinged lid that is delightful and possibly useful for precious things. Continue reading

187: Spiral Box

Looking at the plethora of boxes I still have to fold, it is difficult to select just one. I chose this spiral box because the spiral on the lid is echoed in the construction of the bottom:

A rectangular box (as opposed to square) that cleverly tucks away flaps inside itself to make a sturdy and tidy construction

Quite happy with this one, fairly simple to fold and lots of fold landmarks once you get past the fifths.