926: Tiger, tiger, burning bright

There are lots of origami tigers – few actually look like tigers – you know, the stripey thing. This model is radically different:

Using a HUGE square (I hand-made a large piece of double tissue – black and yellow), you start with a birdbase, then torture the paper for 2 days to create a pleated ruffle either side of the back ridge that is then zig-zagged to reveal colour slices that become the tiger stripes.

This model is really really intense – it took me ages to even work out what half the folds mean, let alone how to achieve them. Thankfully the double tissue was thin and terrifically strong, so it withstood the torture unscathed. Continue reading

742: (192/365) Chicken or the Egg

The age old questions, “what came first, the chicken or the egg” can be best answered with available fossil records as Dinosaurs came first:

Waterproof eggs, such a step forward, liberating egg laying critters from having to deposit precious and defenceless young in pools, streams or wet places and allowed full colonisation of the land. Continue reading

736: (186/365) Stoopid Monkey!

Australian politicians are a weird lot. Not “American” (shoot first then barbeque something) weird, just an odd lurch from crisis to crisis and stab your mate in the back for a shot at leadership kind of weird:

A recently deposed Prime Minister (Mr Tony Abott) is being a bit of an arse clown in the media, white-anting his own party and providing gifts for our hapless opposition in terms of instability and leaks. Continue reading

677: (127/365) Hung Coung Nguyen’s Butterfly

Continuing my exploration of origami butterfly form, I realised there were a bunch of folds from the book VOG2 that I had not attempted yet:

I tortured a thin bit of hand-made washi for 2 hours, turning it inside out, backwards and every which way but the resultant form is lovely indeed. Continue reading