736: (186/365) Stoopid Monkey!

Australian politicians are a weird lot. Not “American” (shoot first then barbeque something) weird, just an odd lurch from crisis to crisis and stab your mate in the back for a shot at leadership kind of weird:

A recently deposed Prime Minister (Mr Tony Abott) is being a bit of an arse clown in the media, white-anting his own party and providing gifts for our hapless opposition in terms of instability and leaks.

If only we had political leaders that were inspirational enough to rally behind. Although it is compulsory in this country, it seems voting only encourages them.

This is a Hominid head, designed by Omar Tapir, and straight away I thought it looked a lot like Tony Abbott. They say you should not over-tighten a wingnut, but I think tony tool it a quarter turn too far. there is much to like about this model, and I can see potential for a number of facial expressions … they all end up like Tony however 😛

Why “stoopid monkey”? If the label fits ….

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