Something Fishy

I was approached about the possibility of making some props for this year’s Middle School Musical, naturally I turned to Origami for Inspiration:OneFish

Project 1: a school of tropical fish. I remembered a lovely catfish/Koi designed by Davor Vinko. Continue reading

473: Scaled Goldfish

I am currently learning how to fold Satoshi Kamiya’s Ryu Jin 3.5.  As part of that fold, “waterbomb tesselation” scales are made and shaped. I need practice so I am looking for scaley applications of this technique.

I remember ages ago folding Davor Vinko’s catfish and seeing a video by Jo Nakashima on how to incorporate scales into the body, so I adapted Jo’s technique so I could ‘pop’ scales running in the correct direction. Continue reading

56: Wise Owl

I like this fold, the eyes, winds, body shape all work, not bad for a first fold:

Why an Owl? Well, being surrounded by so many wonderful (and wise) QSITE members past, present and future reminded me of the wisdom we all rely on – to me, wisdom is an owl (tissue thin justification I know but there you go). Also, against all wisdom, QSITE have me on their board again, editor of their Journal – silly fools, surely they have learned better by now?