918: Procrastination Panda

Now if we were looking for a mascot for procrastination, I think a panda is the perfect animal because, well, from all accounts, they just couldn’t give a flying f*ck:

It seems they are endangered. My guess is it is due to them losing interest in most things (except eating bamboo) including sex – a real deal breaker genetically speaking I would imagine. Continue reading

301: Miyajima’s Bat

When looking for a suitable model for Halloween, I sumbled across this delightful model from Noburu Miyajima:

The bat is a much maligned critter, particularly in the light of the Hendra Virus here is Queensland, but this model is lovely (in a batty sort of way)

An amazingly well designed model that makes good use of paper, the resultant model being not that much smaller than the original sheet yet containing surprising detail.

Lovely wings, cute little pot belly and legs, fantastic face and ears and those majestic wings – wow.

This is not my first fold – I almost screwed this up once at work but I wanted to get the head right (the original attempt was mutilated and torn),  so sue me 😛

88: Centaur

Fools rush in when angels fear to tread:

This looked simple, and the instructions made sense (up to a point, they were in Japanese and some odd symbols I had not encountered before) but I should have looked ahead … this size and type of paper (and my noobishness in this fold) resulted in a poor first fold – but I learned something in the process. I was rushed, stressed and interrupted but meh.

The hind-quarters are sort of right, interestingly the hands have 5 fingers each, the head/shoulders malformed and the arms out of proportion. Were I to fold this again I am confident it would be better. The SCALE was the main issue.

They cannot all be gems I suppose