166: A Vase

I like this container/vase a lot:

It self-locks, is water tight and could be used … to … put things in I guess.

the best bit is that you control the size of the base, and therefore the height of the thing – nice and useful for … things ­čśŤ

164: Queen Anne Table

Now I put my hand up as a staunch REPUBLICAN – I have never seen the sense of a colonial country holding on to a token monarchy. It would be different if the monarchy were actually USEFUL to us, like a table:

Strong, supportive, present, made of something sustainable and central to daily life, a table is central to any home. This is a “Queen Anne” style table, designed by Robert Harbin, folded for our celebration of the Queen’s Birthday (a public holiday for us – one good, tangible thing that benefits us I suppose).

Nice exercise in petal folding, there are a few variations possible to transform it into a square table – quite like the┬ápolyhedral┬áform however. Folded from “Secrets of Origami” by Robert Harbin, a treasure trove of old-school origami designs.

159: Harbin’s Bat

Going batty here trying to decide what to fold, late after a QSITE meeting … so:

I folded a Bat – quite a tidy model, plump little body and nice wing span

Unusually made from an equilateral triangle, relatively few folds actually for a well proportioned bat

126: Skier

The Elias base is a great one for figures:

This delightful downhill skier is a fine example – I like the posture, the arm positions, it looks like he is on motion. Folded from “More Origami” by Robert Harbin, another application of the Elias base. A fairly simple fold for a hectic afternoon/night, hope you like it.