961: Drogon, The Black Dragon

The lure of Satoshi Kamiya’s Dragon set is alluring. Recently I was invited into a community that celebrates the RyuJin series. Having folded a 1.0 and a 3.5, I thought it time to fold another:

Drogo, Satoshi Kamiya's RyuJin 1.2

This is the 1.2 – a refinement of the 1.0 and I had fun shaping the head as per a guide by Daniel Brown – a luscious and generously shared photodiagram set that I really enjoyed following.

My 1.2 is actually based on almost an identical crease pattern to the 1.0 I folded back in 2013, but back then I had NO IDEA how to shape it, and sort of made up shit as I went along.

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Schools In (swimming against the tide?)

A good friend, Janet, found some marbled tie-dyed mulberry paper when she was recently in Bangkok, Thailand.Glint

Like a true maniac she carefully rolled and carried with her on her travels, returning to Australia she carefully transported it to a place I would also be (Townsville for a conference). paper1

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378: Be My Valentine

So today is Valentines Day, and rather than buy into that commercial thing, I thought a more personal touch was required:

Using 4 2×1 rectangles, some tight pleating and curling, and some florist’s wire to keep them together we have some rather lovely roses.

I happened to have some lustrous red metallic paper from a “going out of business” craft store sale and it does look rather pretty. I also fashioned some calyxes out of a dark green stock paper to complete the look (and hide the wire twist).

Fiddly but shapely, and a little cheaty (the wire and a dob of tarzan’s grip to keep the calyx up) but all is fair in love and paper folding, right? I must investigate some foliage to fill out the arrangement. She liked them, that was the main thing <3