961: Drogon, The Black Dragon

The lure of Satoshi Kamiya’s Dragon set is alluring. Recently I was invited into a community that celebrates the RyuJin series. Having folded a 1.0 and a 3.5, I thought it time to fold another:

Drogo, Satoshi Kamiya's RyuJin 1.2

This is the 1.2 – a refinement of the 1.0 and I had fun shaping the head as per a guide by Daniel Brown – a luscious and generously shared photodiagram set that I really enjoyed following.

My 1.2 is actually based on almost an identical crease pattern to the 1.0 I folded back in 2013, but back then I had NO IDEA how to shape it, and sort of made up shit as I went along.

Drogo, Satoshi Kamiya's RyuJin 1.2 Development

This little beauty was folded from a 60cm square of Black/natural Ikea Kraft paper – a classy black beauty that was a lot of fun to fold and even more fun to pose. He has wire in his backbone and arms/legs to give it a pose that will last, and touches of glue to keep the layers together in places, but the general morphology of the model is amazing.

Drogo, Satoshi Kamiya's RyuJin 1.2 - scale

There are others in this series – I am actually contemplating folding a 2.1, and even vaguely entertained the prospect of trying a 3.5 again, but that will have to be when I have a LOT of spare time on my hands. For the moment, I am happy with the little 1.2

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