845: (295/365) Leaf Katydid

Posted by wonko on October 22, 2017 in 365-2017, creepy crawly |

Insects seem to be a fascination among origami designers – at the height of “bug wars” when designers were competing for the most intricate designs that were  complex, had lots of legs, were thin and realistic renderings and really pushed the boundaries of existing techniques: This astonishing model starts as a frog base. Through a […]

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821: (271/365) Satoshi Kamiya’s Ant

Posted by wonko on September 28, 2017 in 365-2017, creepy crawly |

After re-subscribing to JOAS, in record time my back-issues of the Tanteidan magazine arrived and along with one of them, a really challenging diagram: About 170 steps, extreme paper torture and, as a project, something truly terrifying but I knew I needed to try it.

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795: (245/365) Tessellated Fractal

Posted by wonko on September 2, 2017 in 365-2017 |

Further exploring Shuzo Fujimoto’s “Hydrangea” fractal, it seems they can also be tessellated: This is a 4x fold, but I have seen many many more, closer together also, interweaving and other mind-boggling combinations. This fold has taken an age – started 4 days ago, finished yesterday (I had already decided on the spring shoot for […]

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725: (175/365) 145 Point Sea Urchin

Posted by wonko on June 25, 2017 in 365-2017, crustacean |

So I ended up scoring an unexpected free afternoon so decided that serious paper torture would be fun: Gridding then a breathtaking collapse took 4 hours to begin with. I knew I was up for a marathon fold to finish. Annoyingly I did not get this finished before fatigue took me – sometimes you get […]

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710: (160/365) Star Luisium Test Fold

Posted by wonko on June 9, 2017 in 365-2017, geometry |

The internet is an amazing thing, it affords connections between mortals and luminaries in the field: I noticed Sara Adams (a living legend in the Origami World) was asking for test folders to test diagrams she was drawing and I immediately put my hand up.

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625: (75/365) Mariposa

Posted by wonko on March 16, 2017 in 365-2017, creepy crawly |

I must admit to liking folding insects in Origami – something about the extreme paper wrangling necessary to separate out features from the sheet is a great challenge: This is Eduardo Clemente’s “Mariposa” or Butterfly. An interesting fold indeed.

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593: (43/360) Neal Elias’ “Andres Segovia”

Posted by wonko on February 12, 2017 in 365-2017, humanoid |

When a member of the British Origami Society, I purchased “Selected works of Neal Elias” and continue to find gems within it – this is one such treasure: Modeled after a classical guitarist in 1970, this model starts with a 3×1 rectangle (8×23 to be exact) and, via miracles of box pleating (a pioneering technique […]

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3D Photography Using Fyuse

Posted by wonko on October 8, 2016 in blarg |

A friend (waves at Roland!) excitedly showed me a new app called Fyuse¬†that allows you to scan objects and create ¬†interactive 3D photos of them. For ages I have been increasingly unhappy with flat photos of really complex origami models and this tool seems to solve that problem, so long as the lighting is ok. […]

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528: Joisel’s Pangolin

Posted by wonko on May 2, 2016 in animal, blarg, geometry, mammal, paper |

Few Origami models reach Iconic status, few have the charm and grace of Eric Joisel’s Pangolin. I thought I would have a go at this fold: Based, in part, on a field of diagonal graduated pleats that are “popped” into scaley plates, shaped simply to suggest tail, head and feet, his folds have a unique […]

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523: Francis Ow’s Double Cube

Posted by wonko on February 7, 2016 in geometry |

I seem fixated on modular origami at the moment (a branch I have not really done very much in). When I saw Francis Ow’s Double Cube, I asked him if I could have a go at folding it: He generously shared some instructions with me (how amazing is the Internet – it can put you […]

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