940: Kentrosaurus

How often have you been totally lost in something – you know, time passes and you are so involved that you do not notice the passing of it? This model ate time and paper in quantity:

A fascinating exercise in vertex isolation, from a square to tease so many points while keeping enough paper for a body, legs and head – wow, just wow.

I found the diagrams as an un-attributed set of images on Pinterest (one of the many bastions of copyright infringement) but could not find details of either the designer or the publication – hints peeps? News just in: This is Fumiaki Kawahata’s Tuojiangosaurus published in the book “Origami Fantasy”

…in development

This is, as far as I can tell, more correctly a “Kentosaurus”, an obscure genus of the “stegosaur” family, the spiney things are plates of bone one imagines were defensive, the tail spikes especially.

This has taken an age – the convoluted path to get all the points in the right place is genius and terrifying (when you realise someone had to design it in the first place). there is a whole stable of super-complex dinosaurs out there, designed by masters, and I have folded many of them – must search out some more.

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