924: Crawler Excavator (aka. A Diggosaur )

Posted by wonko on May 27, 2018 in machine, vehicle |

Often Origami books are organised such that the simpler models are at the front, more challenging folds towards the back. “Origami Pro 3 – Machine Origami” by members of the Korean Origami Association is organised such and this model was the last one, designed by Jang Yong Ik: Starting with a 60cm square of thin […]

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898: (348/365) The Droid You Were Looking For

Posted by wonko on December 14, 2017 in 365-2017, fantasy, geometry, machine, scifi, wtf |

Now I am as much a Star Trek fan as the next one, and love a comedy sidekick movie plot device. It was interesting that the Star Wars franchise returned to the tried and true “quirky beeping droid” sidekick in “Force Awakens” and the BB8 droid seems a cute successor to the more limited R2 […]

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795: (245/365) Tessellated Fractal

Posted by wonko on September 2, 2017 in 365-2017 |

Further exploring Shuzo Fujimoto’s “Hydrangea” fractal, it seems they can also be tessellated: This is a 4x fold, but I have seen many many more, closer together also, interweaving and other mind-boggling combinations. This fold has taken an age – started 4 days ago, finished yesterday (I had already decided on the spring shoot for […]

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541: Charizard – GO!

Posted by wonko on July 19, 2016 in animal, blarg, dinosaur, fantasy, paper, scifi, wtf |

Now I am not of the generation that grew up with Pokemon, but seem surrounded by adults that were. Fandom/enthusiasm takes many forms and the latest augmented reality game “Pokemon GO!” is so hot right now I felt I had to fold a poke-thing because…reasons I had seen a video tutorial from Tadashi Mori on […]

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The Teacher

Posted by wonko on June 22, 2016 in humanoid |

Luds is taking some leave, we all wish him well.¬†I was approached to see if I could come up with some bent paper as an ooroo gift – this is what I ended up with: In this shadowbox, we see our favourite “bad santa” clutching a Chemistry book, in front of his beloved Electronic White […]

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501: Eagle 3.5

Posted by wonko on August 19, 2015 in bird |

I am on constant awe of folders from the Vietnamese Origami Group (VOG): Hoang Trung Thanh’s Eagle 3.5 is an astonishing and dense fold that really tests patience, accuracy and paper but the result, even this partially incomplete rendition is lovely.

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462: Samurai Helmet Beetle

Posted by wonko on December 9, 2013 in creepy crawly |

Having ordered the book “Origami Masters Bugs – how the bug wars changed the art of origami” I was itching to fold a bug: Robert Lang is a master paper engineer, I have a few of his books – this is from Origami Insects Volume II and I decided to give it a try – […]

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456: L’essence d’un escargot

Posted by wonko on September 17, 2013 in animal, creepy crawly |

I was exploring a corrugation technique I last used with Eric Joisel’s Bandoneon¬†and stumbled across a sort of plan to fold Joisel’s Snail: You start with an extraordinarily long (my estimate – 3.25m) and narrow (in my model 9cm) strip of paper, then start folding slanted lines (using a 3:1 gradient) in both directions

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438: Jason Ku’s Bicycle

Posted by wonko on March 31, 2013 in vehicle |

Perusing a Tanteidan, I noticed a crease pattern challenge, set by Jason Ku, and filed it as a “that’s impossible” fold: Needing to unwind from a hectic and punishing term at work, I cut a 55cm square of light weight Kraft paper and set about working out, geometrically, where the myriad of creases were. Although […]

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422: Loggerhead Turtle

Posted by wonko on December 29, 2012 in reptile |

When our kids were little tackers, we went on a summer holiday to Mon Repos, North Queensland, to see the turtles laying and hatching: During the night, exhausted loggerhead, green and leatherback turtles haul themselves out of the surf, up the beach, gig holes and lay eggs – on the same beach they, themselves hatched […]

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