795: (245/365) Tessellated Fractal

Posted by wonko on September 2, 2017 in 365-2017 |

Further exploring Shuzo Fujimoto’s “Hydrangea” fractal, it seems they can also be tessellated: This is a 4x fold, but I have seen many many more, closer together also, interweaving and other mind-boggling combinations. This fold has taken an age – started 4 days ago, finished yesterday (I had already decided on the spring shoot for […]

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541: Charizard – GO!

Posted by wonko on July 19, 2016 in animal, blarg, dinosaur, fantasy, paper, scifi, wtf |

Now I am not of the generation that grew up with Pokemon, but seem surrounded by adults that were. Fandom/enthusiasm takes many forms and the latest augmented reality game “Pokemon GO!” is so hot right now I felt I had to fold a poke-thing because…reasons I had seen a video tutorial from Tadashi Mori on […]

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The Teacher

Posted by wonko on June 22, 2016 in humanoid |

Luds is taking some leave, we all wish him well.¬†I was approached to see if I could come up with some bent paper as an ooroo gift – this is what I ended up with: In this shadowbox, we see our favourite “bad santa” clutching a Chemistry book, in front of his beloved Electronic White […]

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501: Eagle 3.5

Posted by wonko on August 19, 2015 in bird |

I am on constant awe of folders from the Vietnamese Origami Group (VOG): Hoang Trung Thanh’s Eagle 3.5 is an astonishing and dense fold that really tests patience, accuracy and paper but the result, even this partially incomplete rendition is lovely.

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462: Samurai Helmet Beetle

Posted by wonko on December 9, 2013 in creepy crawly |

Having ordered the book “Origami Masters Bugs – how the bug wars changed the art of origami” I was itching to fold a bug: Robert Lang is a master paper engineer, I have a few of his books – this is from Origami Insects Volume II and I decided to give it a try – […]

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456: L’essence d’un escargot

Posted by wonko on September 17, 2013 in animal, creepy crawly |

I was exploring a corrugation technique I last used with Eric Joisel’s Bandoneon¬†and stumbled across a sort of plan to fold Joisel’s Snail: You start with an extraordinarily long (my estimate – 3.25m) and narrow (in my model 9cm) strip of paper, then start folding slanted lines (using a 3:1 gradient) in both directions

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438: Jason Ku’s Bicycle

Posted by wonko on March 31, 2013 in vehicle |

Perusing a Tanteidan, I noticed a crease pattern challenge, set by Jason Ku, and filed it as a “that’s impossible” fold: Needing to unwind from a hectic and punishing term at work, I cut a 55cm square of light weight Kraft paper and set about working out, geometrically, where the myriad of creases were. Although […]

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422: Loggerhead Turtle

Posted by wonko on December 29, 2012 in reptile |

When our kids were little tackers, we went on a summer holiday to Mon Repos, North Queensland, to see the turtles laying and hatching: During the night, exhausted loggerhead, green and leatherback turtles haul themselves out of the surf, up the beach, gig holes and lay eggs – on the same beach they, themselves hatched […]

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403: Lang’s Organist

Posted by wonko on August 26, 2012 in humanoid |

I was reading the chapter on “box pleating” in Robert Lang’s “Origami Design Secrets – 2nd Ed” (one of my cherished origami books) and came across the chapter “homework” which is this Organist seated at her Wurlitzer: This model is astonishing for a bunch of reasons. The design is clever – one piece of paper […]

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208: Flexiball

Posted by wonko on July 27, 2011 in geometry |

Now I am not an experienced modular folder, but this is relatively new to me and yee gods it is interesting. Having Parent-torture interviews tonight I got home in time to do the final assembly for this little beauty: Designed by Jorge Pardo, it takes 60 – yes children, that is right SIXTY squares of […]

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