972: “Simple” Square Rose

I bought Naomiki Sato’s first book on origami roses to satisfy an obsession with mastering his pentagonal rose (a quest that is still in progress). Recently, he has published a second book (this one in English) and I knew I had to buy it:


Perhaps starting my journey in the new book with a 15cm square of red washi was possibly not the most sensible thing to do (waay smaller than suggested), however I ploughed on and much to my delight fashioned a fairly decent rendering of the simple square rose – the first rose I have folded from a square that actually looks like a rose.

flower complete

I understand why the pentagon seems to be the design sweet-spot for a rose, an uneven number of petals just feels right, and the fluffing out of the layers is best if a little asymmetric, it just looks more real. That said, I am chuffed to not have buggered the first attempt, and there is a lot more where that came from. I think I will try to memorise the square variation – really handy when all you have is a square, and constructing a pentagon seems a lot like work (or you have no scissors or blade to do so).

add a "calyx A"

Great restraint is needed here, gently gently is the aim, soft and full is the resultant bloom, fiddly fiddly is the folding.

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