1. D Hammond

    I could kiss you! I’ve been looking for the crease pattern for this piece for months! Your post has given me just enough hints at how to make this while still leaving it a wonderful puzzle to figure out thankyou!

  2. D. Eakle

    Thanks for this—I was looking for a pattern for this model. Thanks to you I was able to figure it out. For anyone interested, I’ve calculated the proportions of the paper to be (the square root of 5) x 6—or to a very close approximation, 5.6 x 15. (Using centimeters, this is a good size)

      • David Eakle

        Sorry to anyone who cares…it was very late when I posted the above and my brain was not working. The proportions for that paper should be 2 x 3√3, which makes 5 x 13cm an even closer approximation.

  3. jeel

    Hey, its a beautiful geometric piece. Would love to try making it.
    Could you help me with instructions, if you have any?:)

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