Paper Makers and Artists Qld

On the way home from the Doctor, I chanced upon a sign outside a re-purposed Scout den just up from the road from me. I googled it, as you do “Wellers Hill Arts Hub” and discovered, to my delight, that one of the member groups was Queensland Papermakers and Artists.I contacted the president, via email, and was invited to the first meeting this year. How wonderful – a room full of talented artists, all passionate paper makers and me, someone who wants to learn how to make paper and fold the handmade sheets – huge potential.

It was a little awkward at first, but I felt really welcome, took some of my work along and they seemed interest. I was blessed to be given some astonishing crinkly paper made from various vegetable fibers and weeds, determined to test it out as a folding medium.

My first tentative fold, honoring the whole sheet including lovely whispy decal edges, was a version of the Fujimoto Hex-Box that I folded inside out so the focus is on the spiral twist. To my surprise, this paper is tough, takes a fold well, has fairly good memory, tolerates reversing well and has lovely manageable inclusions.

I must fold some more.

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