Fueled up and having an extra sheet of tissue from the shirts I bought yesterday, I set about being more deliberate in my crumpling.

First up I scrunched the sheet up tightly and randomly, then flattened it – I regret not doing this on the previous square field crumple as it helps refine the end texture I found.

Next, I chose random bits of crockery of different radii, placed them in an aesthetic grouping and then gently eased the paper around the different circumferences (to mark the circles is all). I then removed the china, flipped the sheet and set about HARD creasing the circles.

Next, I gathered all the sharp circle creases together, encouraging the remaining tissue back, away from my gathered edges. I did the same for the smaller circles and brought them together with the large circle edges, then hard crumpled everything (like seriously squished it) back away from the circle edges.

Next, I began opening it back up finding the rectangular edges of the paper and gently teasing them back out, indirectly tugging at the crumpled circles which opened out into the most amazing crater-shapes.

The resultant “landscape” looks like a bit of the lunar surface, so deliciously textured and seemingly fragile, the crumples make it flexible and pretty robust (I _could_ frame it in a shadow-box).

This reminded me a little of some of the beautiful works by Junior Fritz Jacquet that i saw at EMOZ earlier this year. It has inspired me to seek out larger tissue and try more torturous crenellations – the results are sort of predictable (as in I could repeat the process and get more or less the same thing, but not identically so) – all very interesting.

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