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Posted by wonko on August 14, 2011 in humanoid |

In a moment of madness, amongst an hilarious conversation about the Marvel comic universe, my mate Winston (Michael Brent) and I began brainstorming crap superheroes.

It surfaced that I have low blood pressure and tend to faint (used to regularly) so a new “super hero” was born: CAPTAIN FAINTY

We decided that this superhero would have a sidekick, and that it should be an narcoleptic cat … yeah, don’t ask!

For shits and giggles (and not to add to the already folded collection, but vaguely related to it) I decided to try to fold one.  Using a variation of the Hoodie I was able, with a single 2×1 rectangle to bring life to this occasionally unconscious super hero by adding the all too necessary cape.

It has been pointed out to me however that capes are no longer fashionable amongst the super-set as although they flap magnificently in the breeze, they tend to get you sucked into jet engines whilst waving at the passengers during a flyby which is at worst fatal and at least embarrassing.

Fortuanately, Cap’n Fainty is mostly land-based but it is yet to be decided how effective merely fainting on your foe is as a method of thwarting him.


  • Dr. Winston O'Boogie says:

    Excerpted from The Adventures Of Cap’n Fainty (and Wilbur The Narcoleptic Cat!) Issue 314:

    Wilbur leaps at the approaching super-villain, a lackey in Dr. Dandruff’s Tinea Team (TM), passing out in mid-flight!!!
    The astonishing somnambulist feline blur startles the evil minion, who stumbles awkwardly to the floor!!!
    “Meow … Zzzzz” he cries!!!
    The villain, his face a mask of confusion and terror, looks up to see Cap’n Fainty, cutting an almost dashing figure, square of jaw and soft of middle-age spread, towering over him!!!
    “Taste 9.8 metres per second squared, fiend!” the Cap’n exclaims, as his body plummets floor-bound, losing consciousness by the milli-second!!!
    All that is needed to complete their virtuous task is the waking of the near-dynamic duo and the bag’n’tag of the wretched figure pinned beneath our heroically napping misdemeanor-fighters … a task deftly accomplished by our heroes’ aide-de-camp, none other than Sergeant Smelling-Salts!!!
    Yayyyy Cap’n Fainty (and Wilbur The Narcoleptic Cat!)!!!!
    Remember, boys and girls, don’t do drugs!!!

  • Dr. Winston O'Boogie says:

    Oh, that was way too much fun …
    Thank you wOnKo T. Sane for a wonderful fold (love the cape!) and the opportunity to contibute here.
    BTW, ixnay on the spiders and snakes please!!

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