290: Dachshund

Awoke with a banging headache, have laid low for most of the day, decided I needed something simple:

Little did I realise how un-simple this model was. Not hard, just lots of steps really and the end result is a lovely “sausage dog”.

John Montroll is a design genius, and this model uses his “dog base” to sculpt a rather nice dachshund from a square – lots of modelability, plenty of character.

Taken from his book “Origami Sculptures”, this is a keeper, hope you like him too. It uses a stretched variation of his dog base. Try it: sausage

Nice to see readers having a go. Here is Everett’s fold:everett

14 thoughts on “290: Dachshund

  1. Trying to make this dog for a coworker who loves them but can’t seem to from the 7th pane to the 8th. Would you be able to explain how you got there? Thank you for posting the steps for it. This is one of the better wiener dogs I’ve found online.

    1. the photo diagram under this model is not so much a tutorial as a proof of process – you should see the actual instructions (I have now linked them at the bottom of the original post) – it is a variation of John Montroll’s “Dog Base” but needs a stretched form for the sausage dog so you do some folds then complete the base on that – hope that helps

        1. This is not really a tutorial, sorry – refer to Montrol’s book “Origami Sculptures – the full folding sequence is there. 12-> 13 is lifting a layer each side and squashing along the indicated line

  2. Thanks for this upload! I am a new folder started a few days before christmas so I had never heard of montroll before this so now I have so much more to fold! This is by far the best guide online for a dachshund and also by far the hardest thing I’ve tried but I have a chiweenie so I wanted this one but with a modified head. I had to retry 3 times :p hardest parts were sinking the back and step 23 but I am super proud of the finished product (wish I could upload a pic) and I will definitely be using this site as a reference again!!

  3. I hardly finished it in my first attempt.but I didn’t like the legs so I made some changes and it might be good.

    1. People assume you should be able to fold complex things first attempt. I have lost count of the times I have tried a model and failed. Failure is an opportunity to learn.

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