35: A Banana

When bad weather beats up the tropical coast, we have a banana shortage. When Cyclone “Yasi” ripped through Cairns, Townsville, Innisvale and further afield we lost crops – I am doing my bit by making my own banana (the ultimate low calorie, high fibre snack):

Quite a cute, sort of 3D model with a partially peeled fruit, quite appropriate for a “banana bender” like me.

You can try this also:  banana

…also kinda hoping the OTHER 365’ers keep going, else it is gonna be real hard for me to keep going also

2 thoughts on “35: A Banana

  1. Just wondering if you happened to notice whether or not the colors work out well if you use yellow/white paper?

    1. yes, I think there is a colour change to make the inner fruit white and the outer peel yellow – difficult to remember that far back in a white-fold series

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