405: No Bull

When I first saw pictures of this Bull, I knew I wanted to try to make it:

I love the pose, the power, the majestic playfulness of this, a proud bull.

There are many junctures in this fold where there are no landmarks, you guess places of folds so this, my first fold, is lucky to look even vaguely bull-like. I will fold this model again, I want to try to fold this from memory.

I like the tail, the hooves show great promise, although at this scale I struggled to shape them both. Thin tissue foil would be best here I think, not that I have ever used it

I have seen accomplished folds of this bull, it looks fab when folded in experienced hands so I have my challenge set – no bullsh*t!.



2 thoughts on “405: No Bull

  1. Did Webber allow you to publish these photo diagrams?
    This is published in Tanteidan 11 and is designed by Stefan Webber

    1. my photos are not the sequence, merely points in the process to remind me how I achieved the model (I have the worlds second worst memory, so need visual reminders) – happy to remove them if requested

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