Robert Lang’s Praying Mantis – WTF#21

Itching to fold something, I dug out a lovely sheet of green VOG

Cut it into a square (because, even though it is sold as a square, rarely have I found it so.

After some simple pre-creasing

We begin the collapse

to form a preliminary base ahead of some serious bending

We spread the layers of the base and then …

Then you collapse some more to arrive at the final base that has enough flaps for the final model

Then you place creases that will become accordion fold

Then sink in and out

Until it is fully accordionated (is that even a word? It is now!), and this hides most of the paper

Shaping is next, thinning out VERY thick layers is hard work

But you can start to see the shape emerging

After an age, I begin to shape, the paper is so thick that this is difficult


This is Robert Lang’s Praying Mantis – not my first fold of this model but definitely my best

She is cheekily looking over her shoulder, is wonderfully solid and heavy and I am glad to have finished finally.

This was WTF (What’s That Fold?) # 21 – how did you go at guessing what it was?


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