473: Scaled Goldfish

I am currently learning how to fold Satoshi Kamiya’s Ryu Jin 3.5.  As part of that fold, “waterbomb tesselation” scales are made and shaped. I need practice so I am looking for scaley applications of this technique.

I remember ages ago folding Davor Vinko’s catfish and seeing a video by Jo Nakashima on how to incorporate scales into the body, so I adapted Jo’s technique so I could ‘pop’ scales running in the correct direction.

I had to reverse scale directions from Jo’s model, add a number of new pleats but a lovely side-effect of this resulted in a lovely floaty, almost fluid tail and some webbed fins on the side.

I would call this model a mashup as it contains variations on 2 versions of the original fold, but is certainly derivative. With a little wet-fold posing it is quite the lovely goldfish.

3 thoughts on “473: Scaled Goldfish

  1. If you want to fold Ryujin 3.5 i think Robert Lang’s Koi op.425 might have the right scale pattern.

    1. indeed it has a similar (although not shaped) scale pattern – much like the one I folded here. I am learning RyuJin3.5 currently (from a master) and am just looking for scale applications

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