70: Wild Boar

Apparently it is “Bacon Week” – why was I not told? I find out on Thursday that it has been bacon week and all this time I could have been celebrating bacon-goodness

This is a little wild boar – I quite like the stance, the ears and the fact it also has tusks – it came from one of my Japanese origami books so do not know the designer, sorry.

I have a bunch of other pigs, more some other month.

(I made it to 70, yay me)

3 thoughts on “70: Wild Boar

  1. Good job on this model, as well as Kamei’s Squeaker from Tanteidan 172.
    Could you perhaps append to this post a photo of the cover of the Japanese book from which you got the diagram? I’d like to track it down, as well as the name of the designer, esp since it will be Year of the Pig.

    Thanks in advance.

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