838: (288/365) Maine Lobster

A 365 Challenge is a mixture of blessing and curse:

The relentless schedule amidst a full time job and part time life is challenging at times. I started this model last weekend but ran out of weekend before it was finished.

The week was busy so I only returned to this model after catching up on the couple of days where I was to knackered to fold anything.

I love that moment when details emerge from a model as a surprise, and there was a WOW moment when the claws of this beauty first emerged. Prior to that there was a relentless sinking, layer management and thinning characteristic of so many super-complex designs. So much so that often you lose sight of the prize because of all the technique in between.

Robert Lang took the design challenge of proportionally representing a lobster – antennae to tail and this model is genius design indeed. I can imagine splitting this little beauty and BBQing it with parsley butter and lime juice – I feel hungry just thinking about it.

The mark of a “great” model in my opinion is how it stands on it’s own, without “help” – this model is right up there as what you see is just from folds – no glue, no MC, no secret bits of double-sided tape. That _may_ have something to do with (if I have to say so myself) the precise way I went about folding this. Bravo Mr Lang, bravo!

2 thoughts on “838: (288/365) Maine Lobster

  1. I just folded this one a couple of weeks ago. You’re right to call the sinks “relentless”! But I agree that the results are well worth it. It seems almost like magic how everything all falls into place in the end, but we all know it’s not magic – it’s the genius of Robert Lang!

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