882: (332/365) Brian Chan’s Fiddler Crab

…yes, I know I am behind, but I have been busy and my brain is fairly broken. As part of the cleanse I took a 35cm sheet of washi and decided to try Brian Chan’s Super-complex “Fiddler Crab” model, never entertaining the notion that I would achieve the model, but rather just to fold for the love of it:

My fold-philosophy on this gig was to faithfully (well, as faithfully as I could) follow the hideously complex fold sequence and sort of just stop when I could go no further. Step 53 alone took me over an hour and a half to achieve – I just could not get my head around what was happening in the sparsely diagrammed model.

To my delight and surprise, the model worked. the paper I chose was deliciously thin and strong, but waaaaay too small for a first attempt, making accuracy an issue. Given also that it was also not quite square when I started, this model rendition is something of a miracle in my eyes.

I love the 3d body, legs, nippers (characteristically one large than the other), eyes and mouthparts – easily the most detailed crab I have attempted – genius design, I must fold this again when less rushed in bigger paper.

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