610 (60/365) Formula 1 Racer

I like a challenge, so started with a huge (60cm) square of spotty bi-colour kraft paper and began the process of folding this model:

Formed, initially from a base that is 4 adjacent bird bases that are then sunk to make 8 long flaps, 4 short ones and a shedload of hidden paper, you then tease the long flaps into position for axles, spoilers, tyres and more. Continue reading

601: (51/365) Hideo Komatsu’s “Rhino”

I want to pretend that I have the skill level to master a fold first go, but in truth, sometimes it is not as simple as that:

This Rhino appeared in the current edition of the JOAS magazine Tanteidan and I was determined to try it – an hour or so and it would be done – right? Continue reading