776: (226/365) Boney McBoneface – dem bones

The toe bone’s connected to the foot bone,
The foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone,
The ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone,
Now shake dem skeleton bones!:

The leg bone’s connected to the knee bone,
The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone,
The thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone,
Now shake dem skeleton bones! Continue reading

775 (225/365) Boney McBoneface – New Legs

So today I got up at 3.30am to catch a shuttle bus to the other side of the city at 4.30am so I could register for the charity walk I had agreed to accompany my daughter on:

35kms later, we made it to the finish line and most of my bits currently hate me. I need new legs – sadly Boney M’s legs are a little small but his look a lot more stable than mine are at the moment. Continue reading

774: (224/365) Boney McBoneface – Backbone

So I am stepping up and doing a charity walk tomorrow. 35km for Mitochondrial Disease research. I would like to pretend I am super fit, but in reality I am a walker and am not really sure if I can make it:

I am however willing to give it a go. YOU can support my efforts by adding to the money I have already had pledged here: https://blw-brisbane-2017.everydayhero.com/au/peter-2

This is a section of BoneyM’s spine, a little backbone that bridges the ribcage to the pelvis. Continue reading

773: (223/365) Boney McBoneface – Ticker

Every body needs a good engine house, a solid “ticker” and this rib cage assembly is a masterpiece in modular origami:

Vertebrae lock with rib bones, these link into a sternum (breast bone) and provides linkages to neck, shoulders and lower back – genius.

Made from 13 squares, 4 bird-base inspired vertebrae, tubular ribs and lovely pleated breastbone, this is my favourite part of BoneyM so far. Continue reading

772: (222/365) Boney McBoneface – Mostly Armless

It is wonderful when your hobby cheers you up, but there was an unexpected giggle when the first of these lovely arms came together:

For the anatomists amongst us, you will notice a full set of phalanges, a nice wrist assembly, radius AND ulna, lovely boney elbow and a fabulous humerus. Continue reading

771: (221/365) Boney McBoneface – Broad Shoulders

When one looks at the symphony of bones and tendons that constitute human shoulders, one can only wonder why we then put it through contact sports like Rugby which so effortlessly re-arrange and break this complex calcium tangle:

This is Boney McBoneface’s shoulder assembly, an amazing mix of a vertebrae, lovely pair of integrated shoulder blades and a nicely perched collarbone.

It has fixing points for arms, integrates with the neck component, will provide a fixing point for the sternum (breast bone) and provides the starting point for the remainder of the spine. Continue reading

770: (220/365) Boney McBoneface – Skull

…so I am embarking on a mega-structure fold, the aim is to complete a humanoid skeleton. After crowd-sourcing ideas, I went with the name “Boney McBoneface” (or Boney M for short):

Alas poor Boney McBoneface – I folded him well

We start with the head, noggin, pate, gourd, dome, brainbox, melon, block, nut (feel free to insert other colloquialisms). As this megastructure involves a total of 49 sheets, and is logically grouped into joints (as a butcher would call the bits they render a carcass) and I decided to work from top to bottom. I felt there was too much folding of wildly different sorts for this structure to count as ONE fold … so sue me. Continue reading