772: (222/365) Boney McBoneface – Mostly Armless

It is wonderful when your hobby cheers you up, but there was an unexpected giggle when the first of these lovely arms came together:

For the anatomists amongst us, you will notice a full set of phalanges, a nice wrist assembly, radius AND ulna, lovely boney elbow and a fabulous humerus.

Shaking hands with this was a surreal experience as the arm is near life-size. Boney M is shaping up to be the size of a small child which is both wonderful and slightly creepy at the same time. Each arm is made from 6 sheets of paper: 5 squares and one 2×1 rectangle for the hand-radius+ulna connection. The long bones required some curious curling into tubes that were then locked into place by joints – very clever. A couple of bird bases combine for the hands and afford some lovely creepy finger bones..

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