770: (220/365) Boney McBoneface – Skull

…so I am embarking on a mega-structure fold, the aim is to complete a humanoid skeleton. After crowd-sourcing ideas, I went with the name “Boney McBoneface” (or Boney M for short):

Alas poor Boney McBoneface – I folded him well

We start with the head, noggin, pate, gourd, dome, brainbox, melon, block, nut (feel free to insert other colloquialisms). As this megastructure involves a total of 49 sheets, and is logically grouped into joints (as a butcher would call the bits they render a carcass) and I decided to work from top to bottom. I felt there was too much folding of wildly different sorts for this structure to count as ONE fold … so sue me.

This model is part of a charming Humanoid skeleton designed by Yurii and Katrin Shumakovs, the Head assembly is a collection of 4 squares of paper – the top of the skill, the jaw, and 2 neck vertebrae. All but one is a square cut from an A4sheet, the only variation is top neck vertebra, cut from a 15cm square.

Not sure I am entirely happy with the resultant form. I faithfully created it but the shape is primitive. I have folded a skull before, and think I may replace Boney’s brainbox with the one designed by Hojyo Takashi which is more in-keeping with the detail of the rest of the model to come.

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