862: (312/365) The Night King

Now I am as much a fan of Game of Thrones as the next person, but I do like a good ice zombie as a baddie:

This is Nick Robinson’s “Hairy Man”, but I think it is much more demonstrative of an icy undead monster. Continue reading

635: (85/365) Earth Hour

Last night (25th March) was Earth Hour. Between 8:30 and 9:30pm we turned off our lights:

I decided to try and fold something by torchlight … great plan Einstein. Continue reading

634: (84/365) 3D Cube Illusion

Trolling around on the internet, as one does, I came across instructions for a 3D cube Illusion by Nick Robinson:

I needed something that was relatively quick (times are busy, it was late) so thought I would give it a try. Continue reading

439: Nick Robinson’s Penrose Triangle

The “Penrose Triangle”, also known as a Penrose Tribar is an impossible object:

If you look at any vertice it makes sense but the shape, as a whole, cannot exist … well, until now that is.

When I first saw folds of this I was intrigued, knowing a folder on Facebook, he suggested I approach the designer, Nick Robinson, who graciously shared his design with me (isn’t the interweb amazing). Continue reading

69: Space Shuttle

Now I read, after the fact, that the Space Shuttle “Discovery” landed for the last time, and I gather it will not go up again.

I quite like this model, fairly simple folds but the shape relies on shaping and puckering in places to indicate lines – neat indeed.

You too can have a go: http://www.nickrobinson.info/origami/diagrams/shuttle1.htm