1. Theresa Chan

    I’m a costume coordinator at United World College south East Asia (singapore) Drama dept. Both myself and the director came across ur origami penrose design and would like to include into our design for our upcoming show.

    I managed to do until step 9. then i got confused when it comes to joining the pieces together.

    do you have a youtube video of how you do this? Would you be able to share with me?

    Many thanks.

    Theresa Chan

  2. S.K.

    I really want to make this but i got stuck in the 6th step where the paper must be fold like that. Could you help me? Also, can the ratio of the paper strips be different than 1:4?

  3. Miss B A Honyghan

    I’m going to try this in foil paper.illusions are a big part of my life..but this is a standard paper art not Tessellation or origami …it is more similar to the stellations that Bryah Loper does …

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