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Database Languages

SQL Index

IIS Topics: SQL- PHP - Access - ORM - AI

link Related Resources - Links to other people's pages covering related content - suggestions welcome.

link SQL Dictionary - An online dictionary containing language definitions and conventions.

link SQL - Introductions, Definitions of concepts around Relational Databases; The Relational Model of Data; Normalized Tables; Keys; Significant Populations

link The Relational Model Of Data - Relational Operations = Data definition and manipulation; Relational Diagrams and representations of Projection, Selection, Union, Intersection, Difference, Joining (with and without constraint).

link MySQL Commands - Introduction; Creation of database objects (Databases and Tables); Selection and Projection of Data; Deleting Data; Altering Data; Metadata

link Further MySQL - Aliases, Destroying things, Altering Table Definitions, Storing Commands, Sub-string Comparisons, Grouping and Query Exotica.

link Multi-Table Queries - Some Set theory, Any and All operators, Sub-queries, Union queries, Intersection using the IN operator, Difference using NOT IN, Joins (Inner and Outer, left right and full) and Views (updatable and not)

link Correlation and Existence - Correlation, the EXISTS Operator, some worked examples.

link mSQL Housekeeping - Environment commands, Readibility of answer tables


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