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Database Design

Object Role Modelling

IIS Topics: SQL- PHP - Access - ORM - AI

link Related Resources - Links to other people's pages covering related content - suggestions welcome.

link What is an Information System? - Components; Concepts; 5GIS; Turings Test; UoDs

link Facts - Atomic Propositions - Communicating facts; 5th Generation Architectures (intro); CIP Problems

link Fifth Generation Systems - 3 Schema Architecture; Software Development Cycle

Object Role Modelling Methodology:

link Object Role Modelling - ORM/NIAM/CSDP History; Fact Type Identification ; First Draft of the Schema ; Eliminate Surplus Entities and Identify Derived Facts; Uniqueness Constraints

link ORM Constraints - Check Facts are of the Right Arity; Constraining the model ;

link Final Constraints and Checking - Check Each Entity can be precisely defined; Exotic Constraints ; Final Checks

link Representing Knowledge: Alternative Conceptual Representations; 'Z' State Schemas; E-R Diagrams

link Relational Schema (table design): Introduction to conceptual-relational transformation; Ideals; Optimal Normal Form; The ONF Algorithm; Data Dictonaries


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