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Author Archives: wonko

“New” is a term best understood by Turks

We slept solidly, barely noticing the morning call to prayer. After breakfast and showers we dressed (in the end over estimating our tolerance for the cold) and headed towards the Hippodrome to catch the tram across the bridge to “new” Istanbul. A quick funicular trip up the side of the ridge and we were near … Continue reading »

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The Delight-full Tale of Two Continents

After a welcome nights sleep we awoke for a bathroom break with a call to prayer, then slept in a little – I guess we are tired. A quick morning cup of tea then we were out and up the hill to a tram stop that took us over near the spice markets for the … Continue reading »

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A Call to Prayer

Our day started at 5.30am. I had been told about the “call to prayer” broadcast city wide from the many towering minarets but nothing prepared me for the raw beauty of an opera of call and response prayers echoing and originating from near and far – a sure sign we are not in Kansas anymore. … Continue reading »

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Istanbul or Constantinople?

After a huge day and a bit (felt longer) of travel that included a stopover (and swim, meal and general relax) in Singapore, we arrived bleary and fatigued in Istanbul. The flight path from Singapore to Turkey took. Us up and over the mountainous regions of India and meant Something-istans and was often turbulent. Neither … Continue reading »

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Transit – Airports ain’t Airports

As we wend our way to Istanbul, we have a stopover in Singapore. If I am honest, Brisbane international airport is a bit of a dive – so little to see and do but Changi Airport in Singapore takes airports to a whole new level. The airport complex covers much the same area that Brisbane … Continue reading »

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Travel Fold

One of our traditions, for a while now, has been to leave an origami figure for the owners of our digs to find. There are gift folds all over UK, Paris, Singapore, Tasmania, the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne and northern NSW. For our Mediterranean journey I decided to find a great Kangaroo. I tried 7 … Continue reading »

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Well, our bags are packed, we’re ready to go…

  After a test pack, we are confident what we want to take will fit in our suitcases.   What we are not 100% confident of is that we have not forgotten something but that is anxiety we are coping with. With 5 no-sleeps until we jet out to Istanbul and beyond, things are exciting. The … Continue reading »

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Touring Melbourne and its Environs

Determined to get a feel for the place, we went out of our way to explore more than just the city area. Although we walked (or at the end of the day trudged) nearly everywhere, this blog looks at things further away – where we needed transport (public or hire) to get there. We knew … Continue reading »

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Melbourne Here We Come!

We have travelled to Sydney a few times, and love the city and harbour but neither of us can remember visiting Melbourne. Our parents say we visited as kids but neither of us have any useful memories of that visit, and something tells me it _may_ have changed a little since then. We decided on … Continue reading »

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The Lost Post – 2013 “The Year Our Legs Broke”

Heading out of Derwin, we turned off the Stuart Highway (an horrendous straight road from Derwin to Adelaide) onto the Kakadu highway (that is the one with the one bend in it) and headed to the wet country. It was early in the “dry” and all around us was evidence that there was still a … Continue reading »

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