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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Motorbikes, Markets and Making Pho

As part of our holiday planning, Jo usually adds “rest” days, which are less frantic, giving us a chance to slow down and recharge. Today was our rest day, starting with a sleep in, leisurely breakfast then some low stress souvenir shopping. We are not much for souvenirs but decided to look for some uniquely … Continue reading »

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Ninh Binh, the Old Capital and the Dragon Stairs

Today we had an early start as we were being picked up for a day trip to Ninh Binh, the district that used to be the site of the original capital city of Vietnam, in Hoa Lu. Otherwise known as “Halong Bay on land” because of the maze of limestone mountains found there. We boarded … Continue reading »

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Temples, Pagodas, Literature and Water Puppets

We had a day of walking around Hanoi, with the intent of exploring temples and pagodas. Knowing nothing we thought these were interchangeable, they are not. A “Temple” is a shrine honouring important dead people – kings, scholars, prophets and so on. The Viet people are really devoted to family and ancestors, believing in you … Continue reading »

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Halong Bay

One of the “must do” locations, from all Jos research was a visit to Halong Bay. There are a number of options for this out of Hanoi, a day trip, overnight on a cruise ship or 2 nights with island hopping on the second day. We opted for the overnight, and our hotel organised it … Continue reading »

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Trains, Paper and a Bamboo Circus

Hanoi is a city of over 15 million. It breaks my brain to imagine in that number of people in such a small area but there you have it. Today we had booked a walking tour with some university students from “Hanoi Kids” – a volunteer tour service where the kids get to practice English … Continue reading »

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Food, glorious food

Feeling hungry (if a little bloaty from airline food), we waited in the lobby for our walking tour guide Chris. We thought we had booked a private tour, but were accompanied by an English couple and a pair of gents for Sydney. This mix turned out to be fun regardless and off we trekked. Spring … Continue reading »

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I am willing to admit that my least favourite part of travel is transit. The endless sitting around in uncomfortable designer furniture waiting to be allowed into transit lounges that are less comfortably furnished, timing ablutions and generally filling in time while we wait to board. Plane travel in economy, for someone with legs, is … Continue reading »

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South-east Asia, here we come for a sampler

Vietnam and Cambodia are our next destination, and with a week to go it is beginning to get exciting. We have yet to do a test pack, but think we have all our shopping done, clothes (for the tropical climate) sorted and a bunch of exciting destinations in the plan. With Typhoid and Cholera immunisations … Continue reading »

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