877: (327/365) Generic Judaian

…now when you want to fold someone from ancient Jerusalem, the options are few and far between. I stumbled across a design, again by Max Hulme, that will, with modification, do nicely:

My generic Judaian is wrangled from a 50cm square of thick Kraft paper, and ends up being about 25cm tall all up. Continue reading

…all behind like a cows tail.

Yes, I know I am behind.

Work is busy right now, but never fear faithful reader, I will catch up again soon.

Oh, and can someone please remind me next time I suggest I will try a 365 Origami challenge that folding NEW models, one a day, is just too punishing. Seriously. Please TELL me I am an idiot if I try this again.

873: (323/365) Elephant Trophies

When an orange clown decides that rich stupid people should be allowed to hunt wild animals for fun, hack bits of them off and use them as trophies it makes me cross:

When that same “ass hat” orange clown then tweets that he might change an existing law to allow this banned activity to happen again (presumably so his stupid rich family can go shoot things again) it SHOULD make the world furious. When will ENOUGH BE ENOUGH? Continue reading

872: (322/365) MATRICULATE!

I have this image in my head – last day of Dalek highschool, a bunch of Daleks more and more excitedly rattling off “Matriculate! Matriculate!”:

Yesterday another cohort of seniors left school to join the journey to the next phase of their life. I am blessed to have taught some of them. For a teacher there is no greater gift than an enquiring mind that wants to learn. Continue reading

869: (319/365) Love is Love

For what seems like an age, Australia has been torn apart by a divisive postal survey that the incumbent government decided was the best way to determine what the right thing to do was:

Ignoring world trends, common decency and justice, we “voted” on whether 2 people who love each other should be allowed to marry. Labelled the “Same Sex Marriage Debate”, it became an embarrassing mud slinging match as conservative bigots surfaced all sorts of reasons why this was a bad idea.

Thankfully, the majority (61%) of Australians said “Yes”, this (theoretically) now means the government has a MANDATE (hahaha, sorry, my inner 7 year old took over for a moment) to change our constitution so “Marriage” becomes a union between a loving couple, regardless of gender, orientation, hair colour, religion, IQ or political ideology. Continue reading

854: (304/365) … you make One Fairy Cry …

Australia does not really have a tradition of Halloween, it seems to me a cultural import that encourages the worst sort of excesses – a point I tried to explain to a small halloweenie dressed as a fairy who came knocking on my door on this day a few years back:

It did not go as well as planned, needless to say I am now labelled “the grinch” of our street and little kids scuttle past our place in costume afraid of the bad man in that house. Continue reading

851: (301/365) Vale Vicky

People process loss in different ways. 10 years ago a friend lost her fight with cancer and I am still saddened by the loss of such a bright and affirming soul:

While I could not bring myself to attend a memorial mass, none the less I still feel the loss. I chose to find solace in the many wonderful memories of a friend and confidante. Continue reading

824: (274/365) White Rabbits

First day of the new month, one superstition seems to be to say “White Rabbits” as the first thing you say that day – not sure why:

This is Fernando Castellanos’ rabbit, taken from DOT2, and it seems, designed to be folded on a MUCH larger sheet of paper than this. Continue reading

816: (266/365) Spring Solstice

For purists, today marks the Spring Solstice, the “official” first day of spring (as per lunar cycles). 

As a member of OUSA, I was asked to participate in the “Annual Gift”, which consists of contributing a fold to be used as a Xmas tree decoration at The American Museum of Natural History. Apparently this has become something of a tradition. Continue reading


…yes, I know I am behind. End of term marking and reporting broke me a bit.

I am on holidays so will ge back to it as soon as I am able. Thanks for hanging in there.

Go fold someone or something … you know you want to.

Folding Lightbox

I have long struggled to take photos of my origami – lighting and composing do not come easily to me. Some of my best pictures are happy coincidences of good lighting, good camera position and a lot of luck:

I have been on the look out for a way to construct a Light Box – something that diffuses light (to remove deep shadows) and provide me with a consistent background (you have probably noticed most of my folds are on dark timber because … well … that is my work surface.

I saw on Fakebook an advert for a folding lightbox with built-in LEDs, the price seemed reasonable, so I ordered one. 5 weeks later (after despair and 2 increasingly beligerent emails to the company) it arrived and I am chuffed with it.

It comes with a USB cable, 2 backgrounds (white or black) and joy of joys it’s own carry bag that it folds up neatly into. Cool. Experiments ahead 🙂

778: (228/365) Ferris Wheel

In the Brisbane CBD today is a public holiday for the RNA Show:

I stopped going to the show when our kids asked whether we had to go again this year – it is huge, full of people, end of winter and full of flu.


I also had a go at capturing it in 3d, using Fyuse, to give you a sense of the movement. Continue reading

“Beyond The Folded Edge” – by Jonathan Baxter

It is rare, in Brisbane, to get to see Origami displayed at all, let alone an exhibition by an accomplished folder such as Jonathan Baxter:

His display at the Richard Randall Art Studio, Mt Coo-tha Botanical gardens was a rare treat.

His folding displays showcased numerous forms of origami including delicate unit work  like intricate spheres and torus from “Phiz” units, garlands of interlocking cubes and many variations. Continue reading

683: (133/365) Pet Gripe

Last weekend I mowed the lawn – that is not so much a revelation as a statement of fact – I enjoy mowing, always have. I do not, however, enjoy the “presents” that dog owners allow their pets to leave on my lawn:

I recognise that part of the pleasure of owning a dog is that you have to take it for walks to empty it. It does however infuriate me when owners do not clean up after their newly emptied pet. Continue reading

670: (120/365) Dear World Leaders

Dear Donald, Kim, Vladimir and others,

I am writing to your parents regarding the bully tactics and macho posturing you seem to be engaging in while playing in the sandpit. This unacceptable behaviour has to STOP before someone gets hurt.

It seems to me that the sand pit is large enough for you and all the other children, but you seem to want to claim bits of it for yourself. The petty bickering and labelling bits of play equipment “mine” is tiring, but the threats to lob projectiles at each other has wider safety implications I can no longer overlook.

We have tried timeout, handshaking seems not sincere and meetings seem a waste of time as you seen intent on name-calling so, in a last ditch effort, I am appealing to your common sense. Failing that I will roll up a newspaper and give you all a good thwap.

Should the spit hit the fan, and some dumb f*ck lobs the first projectile, I would guess that you will all join in the shit fight. For the couple of minutes you congratulate yourselves on this retaliation (I mean he started it, right?) you will finally have a chance to consider what you have done. You will be making it impossible for anyone to play there again. Ever.

Enough is enough.

Sincerely, PDub

I am avoiding the news at the moment, with world leaders posturing at each other, a bunch of lunatics in charge of launch codes on all sides, it seems to me that we are sliding towards making the world a perfect place for this little guy:

This is Robert Lang’s Cockroach, a faithful paper recreation of my most hated insect. Continue reading