1121: Santa/Satan

Comes the time of year when we tell little kids that a morbidly obese stranger in a red suit breaks into their house (by coming down a chimney or other entry point if there is no chimney), eats some random snack, feeds a portion of that snack to a reindeer (who has a birthmark on it’s nose) and then leaves presents, regardless of whether you have been an entitled little shit all year, or a saint:

As a parent I was complicit in this lie until my kids (fairly early on) cottoned on to the fact that this whole thing was so very unlikely, and merely a mechanism for justifying a mound of presents under the xmas tree.

I wanted to try out the new paper pack of Satogami I got from Origami-shop and this festive fold seemed like the perfect opportunity given the latest Tanteidan magazine (which contains it’s diagrams) arrived this week also.

Duo Satogami is quite thick. I bought a paper pack of 58cm squares, mixed colours and love the vibrancy of the red/white, and also love the texture of the paper. I _want_ to report that pre-creasing Satogami was easy … but … I really struggled to my the reference folds and to fold accurately because of the thickness and texture. The paper reverses fairly poorly also (meaning I had to correct lots of folds for accuracy as I went to ensure alignment of layers and edges during more complex moves.

Designed by Shigeru Mitsuda, the fold sequence is baffling for ages, and the model sort of emerged from the tangle near the end – I like that sort of design. It is free-standing and looks like it has volume, also good designing.

We have Satan, in his red suit and hat, lovely full beard and over one shoulder he is toting a large sack. This is, so far, my first festive gesture and it is a beauty. He is big – had the satogami been much smaller I think this model would not have folded quite as well. The model looks good from the front, the back less so, which is always a pity.

Always good to experiment, also nice to take my time and understand what I am doing

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